Who’s the best marketer for the product you sell? Yes, your own customer.

Satisfied customer will voluntary recommend your product to people around them, so it’s clear enough that businesses need to capture their potential customer’s needs. Therefore, we put our telephone number on website and all marketing channels in order to respond any questions that come up.

However, the all-digital era now gives businesses challenge to be faced. We all know that people nowadays can order transportation online as well as buying food. So, when it comes to complaint about brand, product, or service, they choose social media.

Instead of calling, customers express their opinions and experience on social media. That’s why large amount of data on the internet is dominated by social media. We’re pretty sure you ever once accidentally read opinion written by friends about the brand, service, or product in this popular platform.

So, have you prepared yourself to face this phenomenon?

You certainly want to be as close as possible to your potential customer. No wonder now customer service can’t just rely on telephone number, but also social media. However, you can actually go further than this.

Opinion on social media may seem horrible, because it brings large influence for those who read it. Rather than see it as a burden, you can see it as an opportunity to listen things that important for your ‘ears’.

Therefore, businesses can’t be allergic to the data. Having data also means having the information, where the information itself is the key to successfully win your potential costumer’s hearts. The goal is to get them using your product. Being your best product promoter.

The problem is, we often have to deal with how to process the data so we can make accurate decision from it. Social media has provided the data we need. Without knowing how to access and process it, then it’s impossible to build business strategy based on it.

Calm down because we have good news for you. Leave it to the expert. Data moves quickly and dynamically, so it can’t wait any longer for you to capture, process, find the conclusion, then use it as the basis of your business strategy and decision.

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** merupakan produk digital inovasi terbaru dari yang dapat memberikan arahan bagi para pelaku usaha mikro dan kecil untuk membantu meningkatkan penjualan, reach, exposure, dan engagement di akun media sosial mereka. Tidak hanya itu, juga dapat  membantu para influencers, buzzers, bloggers, dan selebgram meningkatkan popularitas mereka di tiga media sosial: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


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