Did you know that 80% of data in the world is unstructured data generated from the internet, and mostly from social media? Moreover, 90% of that data was generated in the last 2 years. So, what can business people do about this?

Social media is like miniature of society because it represents people’s thought about various things. Social media is not only about sharing moments and photos, but also a place where brands, products, and services discussed honestly by the user. Now, imagine you can capture the conversations, what benefits you would get.

They Are Talking About Hope

Customer can be very active in expressing their opinions in social media. Not only complaining, but also their hope and suggestion for the product they used. They give you insight about what you should do (and shouldn’t!) so your product can answer their problems. In the end, you finally would grab your customer’s attention.

They Are Looking For You

You have good concept for your business. You have high quality product with competitive price. Unfortunately, your potential customers didn’t know that your product exists. In social media, it’s possible to find people who are looking for your product. There are two benefits you would get from this point. First, you no longer need to approach random people to promote your product (Are they really interested in your product or service you offer?). Secondly, you saved your time, money, and also energy, just because you are directly targeting the right people. Interesting, right?

They Want Your Response

Now, imagine you have found people who are looking for your product, or people who have question about your business industry. So, what’s next? Give them response before your competitors do. Your business would be their saviour because of solution that you give them. In the future, don’t be surprised if they tend to use your product over anything (especially with your activeness in social media). Customer loyalty is everything, agree?

Well, by reading these benefits you can get from social media, we hope it can answer your problem in finding potential customers.

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